Best Card Games To Play Online in 2019

The new year is almost here with us and there is no better time for relaxing than playing your favorite card game either when chilling with your phone, visiting a brick and mortar casino or at home on your personal computer such as Duelz casino. We bring you a list of top card games that we think will be a hit in 2019 so read on and try your luck.


You will agree with me that poker is the most common and loved card game either online or offline in the world. Poker has many varieties and is liked because the players need to combine skill, strategy, and risk to win. The main secret is to try and win a round or force the opponent to fold against you, but you will need to use a strategy to do so. Online casinos allow players to play in online tournaments either against the house itself or other online players thus giving a wide scope for the poker game.


This game has been well received by many players with many leading casinos offering card games. The game is simple to play making it a perfect game for mobile gaming. The strategy to this game is to meld the cards into sets and runs and to win you have to make a set of combinations and be left with one card to discard.


Just like the Rummy, Solitaire has become a success with its online version which is similar to the ordinary card game. To win money you can play on your own, against other people or the casino. The game’s basics are to peel off your deck of card and arrange them in a matching order on the right of your screen with payouts each time you do so. You can learn to play the game on your computer first before trying it using real money.